NEW FOR 2020!!!
The Arctic Arrow rocket “sled” of Minneapolis, MN, will attempt to run for the World Ice Speed record of
247.93 mph on Bear Lake Sunday, Feb. 16, 2020.

The video below is the current record, set in 1981

Arctic Arrow to attempt Record Run at Manawa Snodeo 2020

Press Release: The Arctic Arrow rocket “sled” and pilot Kurt Anderson, along with Rocketboys crew Ky and Buddy Michaelson, of Duluth, MN have reached an agreement with the Manawa Snodeo, to run for the World Ice Speed record of 247.93 MPH at next year’s event on Bear Lake, WI, scheduled for Sunday February 16th, 2020.

The current record set back in 1981 by Sammy Miller on Lake George, NY has stood for 34 years. “The Arctic Arrow is a “purpose-built” machine designed to surpass that speed and more,” commented Anderson, who has already run 200 MPH plus on shake down runs at last year’s Speed Weekend in Sweden. “The Arrow and gear, had to be packaged and transported by ship container for the journey, which was a huge undertaking in itself.  We learned a lot in our runs there and feel with the improvements and modifications made since; it is ready to shatter the record.”

The Manawa Snodeo, whose motto is “The Best Show on Snow”, already boasts 5 different ice tracks that run simultaneously, will now construct a mile long, shaved and groomed track for the record attempt. “The event is a huge crowd pleaser as is,” commented Dave Sarna, Race Director, “and with bringing in the Arctic Arrow, we stand the chance of making history. Manawa, WI, once home of Trade Winds snowmobile manufacturing is documented as building the 1st machine to run a certified 100 MPH. A 248 MPH plus run would certainly eclipse that. We are thrilled to have been considered by this elite bunch of rocket propelled pioneers to use our venue to make history and we are certain speed freaks from around the country will be out to witness it.”

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