Bear Lake Resort, HWY 22/110 Manawa
Snodeo Hotline: Dave (920)470-1417

FREE Courtesy Shuttles from the resort to the various tracks!


Runs are open to ANY




1 = SNOW

1 = ICE

All registration for Radar Runs will be done out on the ice.

You will be charged a spectator fee of $10 .

Once you register, $10 will be waived off the initial 3/$20. 


Radar Run:  We will be supplying a plowed, groomed and shaved 660 foot course from start line to finish with an attached 1000 foot shut-down area. Your first 3 runs are $20.00 which includes a one time Insurance fee. All subsequent 3-run passes are $15.00. Plaques to fastest in each class. MPH on each run will be displayed on a large digital traffic sign plus put on a white board. 


Ice Drags: Grudge Racing… 3/$20 Each race will count against a run on a radar run punch card. Race who you want, how you want.  Plowed, groomed and shaved 660 foot course from start line to finish with an attached 1000 foot shut-down. 





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