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MERRILL ICE DRAG RACERS and the Symco Trailblazers Snowmobile Club  PRESENT:
Car/Truck Ice Drag Racing!

Sunday,Feb 18th, 2024. Racing starts at 11am.

 Automotive Racing
(cars and trucks welcome) 
Contact Mike (906) 221-3364
The car/truck Ice Drags set for Feb 18, 2024 will contain 7 various classes from entry level street cars with ordinary snow tires to full blown modifieds with 4,000 ice picks per tire. This is a non-sanctioned event and any car/truck is invited to participate after ensuring your vehicle is safety inspected by our tech inspectors. 
1st-3rd place trophies only for 2WD & 4WD; 1st place trophies to remaining classes plus cash payout.

First driver to cross the line will advance to the next round of racing. FINAL RACE winner will get 100% of the pot! Snodeo will throw in an extra $100/round.
Check the below link for additional information.  
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