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Please contact Mark at (920)572-1331 if you have a Tradewinds Snowmobile, Camper, snow suits or any other items made by Tradewinds that you would like to have as part of the exhibit.
Crews are working hard to recreate the 100 MPH run at the Snodeo!
Reenactments will run both Saturday and Sunday at 11am, 1pm and 3pm daily!
For more details please read the below from Dave. 

Project Cheetah 100

A few years ago, when it took a serious snowmobile to run an “honest” 100 MPH speed, a question that was asked in many various settings, was:

“What was the first sled to crack the 100mph barrier?”

On March 14, 1968, Bob Hansen from New London, WI drove a specially prepared Trade Winds Cheetah with a 594cc opposed-twin JLO motor recorded 101 mph. The record was set on White Lake near Manawa, Wisconsin. Trade Winds made the Evinrude Bobcat and Johnson Challenger for OMC for the 1969 model year. 1970 was the last year sleds were made by Trade Winds under the Gilson name. As quoted from the Vintage sleds, website.

In March of 2020, the Donald Craig family contacted the Manawa Snodeo, LLC and expressed interest in attempting to duplicate this feat. Primarily, to set the record straight and prove to the many skeptical people in the snowmobile community that this accomplishment did indeed happen on the day and time in 1968, in which it was documented to have occurred.

The Craig family stated they would supply all of the necessary items to build a duplicate record sled, even so far as locating and shipping new original engines in crates from Australia. The family will offer as much support as possible but has no interest in retaining the machine after the record attempt, nor does the Manawa Snodeo. With that Sarah Anderson, Creative Director from the World Snowmobile Headquarters, Eagle River, WI has agreed to display this record machine in their museum, as long as necessary. Especially being that Russ Davis, Vice-President of the museum raced on the Trade Winds factory team at the same time the record was originally established.

Thank you for your interest and participation.                                 

                                                                   Dave Sarna; Manawa Snodeo 

Bear Lake Resort, HWY 22/110 Manawa
Snodeo Hotline: Dave (920)470-1417

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