2020 Lakecross Winners


Pro Open

            1st Greg Retttschlag/Juneau

            2nd Luke VanLyssel/Weyauwega

            3rd Brandon Christen

Leaf Spring Vintage 0-400

            1st  Mike Robe/Caledonia


Pro Trail 0-500 –

            1st  Kyle Kahr/Luxemburg

            2nd CJ Joski/New Franken

            3rd Dan Woods/Plainfield


            1st Jeff Kreuziger/Juneau

            2ndKyle Kahr/Luxemburg

            3rd Josh Haen/Dykesville

Amateur Studded 0-500

            1st Dan Woods

            2nd Logan Witz

            3rd Nate Wellems

Semi Pro Open

            1st William Meyer/Freedom

            2nd Luke VanLyssel/Weyauwega

Pro 0-500

            1st Jeff Kreuziger/Juneau

            2nd Kyle Kahr/Luxemburg

            3rd Brandon Christen

Amateur Studded Open

            1st Trevor Polum

            2nd CJ Joski

            3rd Derrick Hess

Semi-Pro (0-500)

            1st Dan Woods/Plainfield

            2nd William Meyer/Freedom

            3rd Jack Kleiman

Amateur Unstudded Open

            1st Gary Savatski

            2nd Bryce Griffin

            3rd Ashton Ort

Juniors Mod Stock

             1st Brody Arndt

Amateur Unstudded 0-500

            1st Jason Gaylord

            2nd Gary Savatski/Rubicon

            3rd Dan Suchocki

Pro Trail Open           

            1st Brian Peot/Dykseville

            2nd Kyle Kahr/Luxemburg

            3rd Josh Haen/Dykesville

Leaf Spring Vintage Open

            1st Jason Gaylord/Hazelhurst

            2nd Kyle Rogness

Iron Man (Pro)

            1st Jeff Kreuziger/Juneau

            2nd Brandon Christen

            3rd Jerry Kreuziger/Juneau

Iron Man Trail

            1st Brian Peot

            2nd Josh Haen


Registration hall opens at 7:30AM sharp, with HOT LAPS to follow.

Please complete the pre-registation no later than Feb 10th, 2020


Click the link below for Pre-Registration.


If we can not see your number as you cross the finish line your laps will not be counted!

You MUST also have at minimum 50% of your back covered in a bright color.

We will ask that you put a vest (provided) on if we do not feel that it is bright enough or covered enough.

 Race Classes include:

Amateur Studded (0-500)

Amateur Studded (Open)

Amateur Un-Studded (0-500)

Amateur Un-Studded (Open)

Iron Man Trail

Iron Man Pro

Juniors (13-17) Mod Stock

Juniors (13-17) Pure Stock

Leaf Spring Vintage (0-400)

Leaf Spring Vintage (Open)

Masters (over 40)

Pro (0-500)

Pro Open

Pro-Trail (0-500)

Pro-Trail (Open)

Semi-Pro (0-500)

Semi-Pro Open


Once registration closes... Absolutely no refunds 


Single Events:  Riders will compete individually, beginning the event on line from a standing start and will be required to compete on a closed, marked slalom 2 mile course. Races will begin by a green flag start, with up to 10 total contestants. Scores will be awarded by order of finish as the participant crosses the finish line. Payout will be listed for each class under “class description”. Trophy awarded to 1st place finishers, except Women's (50% payout and 1st-3rd place trophies) and Junior classes will receive 1st-3rd place trophies. Heats run as necessary.

Iron Man (Pro and Trail): This event will be the over-all singles Champion of the Derby and whose name will be inscribed on the Championship Trophy. Riders will compete individually (5 laps) beginning the event on line from a standing start and will be required to compete on a closed, marked slalom course.  Races will begin by a green flag start, with a maximum of up to 20 total contestants; starting position will be assigned by random draw in 2 rows.  100% of total entry fee will be awarded with cash payouts for 1st-3rd place with name inscription for 1st place finisher on the Championship traveling Trophy. Will separate Pro and Trail sleds.  

2 Rider: Race for (2) cases! Is a fun finale’ to the Derby, in which 2 riders mounted on a single machine begin the event on line from a standing start and will be required to complete 1 lap on a closed, marked, slalom course.  Upon crossing the finish line, the driver and rider switch positions and then must complete another lap.  The first team to cross the finish line wins 2 cases beverage of choice.

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